Get to know me.

Hi, I’m Vivian. I’m a product and digital application designer, I design experiences, especially playful ones.
I studied the Industrial Design bachelor at the «Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana» then, I finished the «Toys and children product design master» in Madrid, Spain, although, I like to say that my creative path began in my childhood, when I picked up a pencil, a cardboard and a pair of scissors for the first time. In that moment I discovered that I was able to project what was on my mind with materials and tools. Sometimes It was games and toys, other times objects, then perhaps art and other things.
I enjoy the creative processes even more than their own result. Sharing with people, listening to their thoughts, feeling textures, observing contrasts and nuances, the world always has a lot to say… Then comes the fun part, transforming that into experiences and objects, then, maybe in business.
Other thing that I love is to travel and discover the world, getting to know how other people live in other cultures has allowed me to be more empathic and to think more globally when I design something and to be inclusive trying not to leave anyone out.
I am passionate about art, being able to create something by listening to myself and seeing that result later is my way of expressing to the world what I feel.
Who I am is definitely reflected in all my designs, each of my projects is related to something about myself.
I hope you like my work!