What I do.

I love creative processes and businesses, especially if they are focused on the children’s industry. I love what I do, having a complete vision of the project is what I am passionate about, from its concept to how to introduce it into the market. These are the main roles I have done in recent years.

Ux design

I've participated and developed projects from the first phase such as research, interviews with users, to the development and testing part. As a UX designer, some of my tasks have been: building a research plan, journey maps, task flows, wiframes, mockups, prototypes, carrying out usability studies, among others. My most important job is to empathize with the project requirements and customer needs to end up with a user-focused product.

Game/ playful design

Having games and toys that contribute the development and exploration of the world around us has been my main source of inspiration. I have designed core game mechanics, board games, toys, recreational objects, game dynamics, learning apps and gamified applications. I love to design objects to play with and have fun learning.

Product manager.

In most of the projects, I have also been in charge of the product time management, assigning tasks to the team, building metrics, k'pis and above all, sharing the vision of the project with both the development team and the stakeholders involved. Having both the role of design and product management allowed me to understand the product from its concept to its construction, as well as the business part.